Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sales Ahoy!!!!

Hey everyone!  How's life going in the Blogosphere?

Life here isn't too shabby.  I'm still cooking stuff, (Given because if I didn't my family wouldn't eat, well at least anything more than frozen nuggets tossed in the oven and spaghetti...)

It was my birthday two days ago and my husband took us to Halifax for some awesome wining and dining and Discovery Center goodness.  Kids had a blast, I had the most epic Shwarma and burger you could ever have.  Venus Pizza right down town Halifax, had the shwarma. It was so good.  They loaded it up with pickles and turnips.  For the epic burger and poutine, it was Cheese Curds in Dartmouth.  I had their Honolulu burger and a small poutine.  I was DEFEATED...but man it was so good...the bacon, the beef...Oh man...delish!!!

My mom got me a mandoline and a funky herb slicer for my birthday.  I was happy.

Since times are tight *my birthday fell on the day our tax return came in so shush*  I've taken to selling some things on Ebay.  You can check out my listings here.  I'll just be slowly adding stuff over the next few days, so if you see it and like it,  grab it!

Also,  here's a way for you to get some cash too  SFI Affiliate Program. Make money from home! 

So yeah,  I had a great birthday.  Only thing I could have gotten that would have made it even better is a job. (sigh)  Oh well.  It should happen eventually.

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