Wednesday, March 27, 2013


soft farmy warm farmy little ball of veg

I'm pretty stoked. This year we're doing an "experiment" of sorts with a local CSA/Farm Share.  We locked ourselves into a 1 year commitment to a local farm/farms (They partner with a few other local farms so I guess it's a farm co-op of sorts) to get fresh, local produce and meat delivered every week.

Everything is local, and mostly organic.  The meat is locally produced and humanely raised and slaughtered.  No factory BS there.  So, yes it is possible to be an omni Nomny  and still have ethics. Happy pigs make better bacon...

mmm bacon

 There's more than just the ol factory farm for meat and egg production.

AND, no GMO's.  That makes my little TechnoHippy heart happy (no relation to TechnoViking let me tell you)

Local and in season meat and produce, I will most definitely be reviving the recipe portion of this blog.

Honestly,  I totally suggest my readers to look up CSA's that are in your area.  Support your local farmers. Down with the factory farms and Monsantomongers.  You'll get your moneys worth and more if you do that.  Your health will thank you and your local farmers will thank you.  If you live around the costal area, and like fish (We have some serious seafood allergies here) Talk to a local fisherman to see if you can buy a share of his catch.  Fresh right off the wharf.  You'll probably get a better deal from him on a few lobster and some scallops than you would from Mr Highliner.

not that there's anything wrong 
with being a gay fish.

Here are a few links to help you find a CSA near you.  About the fishing thing though, you're on your own about that, since it's just easier for you to walk down to your wharf and ask.

Taproot Farms. The CSA I'm a part of. They serve Annapolis Valley and Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

ACORN Organic CSA Search. A searchable database about CSA's in Atlantic Canada has a few links for you American Peeps who are looking for CSA info.

For those of you who reside in the rest of Canada,  the best way to find a CSA near you is to hit Google and type in "Community Supported Agriculture (insert your province or city/region here)  and there you go.

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