Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Secret World Review

Hey all, I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I've been playing The Secret World, and Mech Warrior Online, since City of Heroes went down.

I'll post what I think about TSW.  It's a great game.  The story is epic and far reaching, and very well written.  This isn't a game that you want to power through though, I feel like it's something that you should take your time and savour.  There are puzzles however, some of which are pretty damn hard.  Like so hard to the point that you want to punch your monitor.  Luckily there are guides out there to help you out.  I'll post a link to such a guide down the page.

Back to the review.  The Secret World lends itself well to both solo play, and team play.  The environment is very well done, there are a huge variety of quests, from action, where you just shoot or slash things, sabotage, where you have to sneak through, and then the investigation missions,  those are really awesome, and also pit your wits against the game.  (sometimes you need help with these)

Combat, can be sketchy.  I love the active dodge, but the repetitive 1-2-1-2-3-4 combination gets kinda old after a while.

Build wise, you don't NEED an alt.  You can literally use everything in the game. Just need to build up your skill wheel.  They use AP and SP to build skills up.  Rather intuitive.

Dungeons are challenging, as well.

The only problem I have with this game is it's gear based like most MMO's  (except COH)  So when you get through the story, you get to the end of game gear grind again.

FunCom does release regular content updates as well, so you're not totally lost without new stories for too terribly long, so if you're not into the grind then you don't have to.

The best thing is, It has NO subscription.  You buy the box, and that's it.  Kinda like Guildwars.  (but not NCsoft)  Sure it's "Ermahgerd EA lol"  (especially after that SimCity fiasco)  but Funcom is a good studio to support IMO.

So yeah if you are playing TSW,  and need a little boost, you can click on this link Click here for a guide on The Secret World, walkthrough and PVP strats and more.

So yeah!  It's really not that bad of a game.  I enjoy it tremendously.  You can find me as LacusMortius over on Leviathan server.

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