Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making money online

Yes!  It's possible.  It's a slow process though.  Things have been pretty tight here, so I've been trying my hand at making money online...mostly through paid surveys and Pay To Click sites.  It's a little something anyway, I figure I'll share what I've been doing, that way you guys can make a few bucks as well.

First is a couple of paid to click sites.

This first one is  It's pretty good.  Pays you to click ads, and to do little random tasks.  You can easily make $30/day if you buckle down and do every task and offer provided.  They pay out through paypal so it's all good.

Next is NeoBux.  It's been around for a while, and like it pays you to click and look at ads, and do little random tasks as well.

Rapidworkers is a place where you can sign up, do little odd jobs, and get paid for doing.  Some of these jobs are putting links on your blog/page, or doing surveys, stuff like that...No affiliate link, I won't get a kickback if you sign up.

That's my Odesk profile.  You join up Odesk, and do their little tests, and then you apply for contract jobs, do the jobs, and voila you get paid.  Or you can hire me through odesk to do your random crap.  It's up to you.  Heh.  Anyway it's legit.  They have an escrow type service so you'll get paid no matter what.  Free to sign up so what the heck.  In this market, it's worth a go.

SFI Marketing is a great program, too btw.  Sign up for top-rated Affiliate Program with SFI Marketing Group (SFI). Join millions of SFI affiliates worldwide! FREE sign-up at:

For the paid surveys, they'll only let me send referrals through email, so if you want a referral to the paid surveys,  hit me up at and I'll send you invitations to some Pay To Take Survey sites.  They're legit sites, like Angus Reid, and Harris at least you aren't gonna be doing anything scammy.  Or you can head on over to this link:  Get Paid to take surveys from home. and get started through them.

So yeah,  Give it a shot...can't hurt?

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