Tuesday, October 9, 2012

*giggles evilly*

You know, I have absolutely zero knowledge about the stock market, but even I know that this is bad

Going down NCsoft?

You would think that closing City of Heroes was a good business move the way they keep spinning this "realignment of company focus" , but it's sort of obvious now, that they have wound up shooting themselves in the foot.

First: They kill off a profitable and family friendly game and community.

Second: They make said community who role play as heroes and villains in their chosen MMO slightly perturbed. We vocalize our upset.  That's understandable

Third:  They release this pile of steaming horse manure. expecting us to be like

Well NCsoft,  now you realize that it's not working.  What you are doing, is not working.  We will not shut up.  We will not surrender.  We will not stop calling you out on your heifer dust.  DUDE! You forged Garriot's resignation letter when he was out in space! Like COME ON.  You really think after murdering  5 MMO's we would trust you with more of our money? 

Think again.  I'm sort of glad I'm watching your stock holders bail like rats out of a sinking ship.  I wouldn't blame them.   


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