Friday, October 5, 2012

Breasts and Camels

Err.. let's try this again.

Blade and Soul.  The game that NCsoft is replacing City of Heroes with.  Let's talk about that shall we?

It is a fantasy based martial arts game.  I guess NCsoft's primary focus is shifting away from the family friendly Comic Book Super Hero based game to....

This. (Warning, Potentially NSFW/NotSafeForKids) 

Ok,  So it looks like that NCsoft is trying to re-focus their company to cater to, basement dwelling neckbeard weeaboos who enjoy looking at that kind of thing.  Hey, whatever floats their boat.  As a parent, I will not be buying this game.  I do not want my children exposed to this kind of material.  I had no problems with them playing City of Heroes/Villains, but I refuse to allow them to even get a glimpse of this game.  I'm far from a prude, but this is just too far.

Sure City of Heroes has the potential to make characters look pretty racy, but the GM's are pretty swift to act on any costume related complaints with a Generic Hammer and a free costume token.  Doesn't look like Breasts and Butts.. Err Blade and Soul will have that safety net.

So parents,  are you getting sick of trash like this getting shoved in your kids faces yet?  I know you have the choice to buy this stuff or not.  Seriously, I wouldn't.  This crap would NOT enter my house.  I don't care how much my kids, or even my husband begged.  (Luckily my husband thinks it's crap, too)  I would veto it, or at least make the person PROMISE to never play it with my kids awake/in the room/in the HOUSE even.

These Graphics say it all IMO

Please,  if you have kids, think twice before buying Blade and Soul.  Your kids do not need to be given any more confusing messages about sexuality as it is.  


  1. Ugh, it just looks like they ripped off the style from Magna Carta 2 and upped the sexuality.

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  3. well... i dont know about kids, but i like that... butt :)

    1. The whole point of the blog is to lament the passing of a family friendly game with one that FAMILIES can't enjoy together. You know due to separation (Military or other work commitments) and whatnot.