Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poll for my readers

Hey guys.  Just have a bit of a question here.
If I were to use this to sell stuff,  would you guys bite?  I've seen blogs that sell things.

Hard times have hit here and I need to start pulling my weight financially.  I've been applying for jobs within walking distance because I'm really doubtful that I'll pass my road test.

So, if I were to list some stuff here,  what kind of stuff would you be interested in?  Answer in the comments :D



  1. Hm, i like t-shirts with a nice text/picture on it.

    And i don't want to pay over 20$ for it!

    Btw. check out my new INFO and LIFEHACK blog :D

  2. Small knick-knacks that you dont really see in the store anymore.

  3. I don't buy much online, I couldn't really tell you.. But ever thought of eventually compiling your recipes into a "littledinobug's awesome cook book!" or something, and use the blog to markiet it. dunno, idea thingy.

  4. It have to be something I actually need for me to buy it.

  5. how are you not going to past your road test?

  6. 1: Didn't have enough practice
    2: I suck at driving (pretty much those two)
    3: I'm a woman. That is pretty self explainatory.