Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cole Harbour, The Canadian Stubenville.

It's no real secret.  I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I'm also pretty angry at the whole rape culture/Slut shame culture/bully culture that has seeped slowly into humanity over the course of the centuries.

There was an incident, not an hour away from me, 18 months ago, a young teen got gang raped.  Pictures were taken, and distributed all across the internet far and wide.  Sound familiar?  Sounds like Stubenville right?  Well that's where you're wrong.

Cases between Cole Harbour and Stubenville end there.

Jane Doe got justice.

Rehtaeh Parsons, did not.  Actually, after 18 months of Hell on Earth.  Bullying, slut shaming, sexual harassment, all as a result of teenage boys taking pictures and showing the world how they violated that young woman, she couldn't take it anymore.  She hanged herself in her bathroom.

The RCMP, said, there was not sufficient evidence to press charges. THAT IS FUCKED.  I'm sorry.  There was PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of this crime.   Remember the rules?  Pix or it didn't happen, yo!  Well there's the evidence.

I am just sick to my stomach about this.

These are the words of her father.  The pain from that newspaper can feel it.

Here is a petition for you to please sign, to get justice for Rehtaeh.   The more pressure we put on the Justice Dept of Nova Scotia to re-open her case, and charge those perverts with the crime they committed.  Even if she won't be alive to testify...I hope those who have the pictures, can come forward, and submit the evidence.

PLEASE..sign the petition, and please let's get justice for Rehtaeh.  Jane Doe got justice for her case...let's keep up the momentum.  Teach that it is NOT OK TO RAPE.


You might want to read that. I guess I'm not the only person angry about this.

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